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Supply of graphite and carbon-containing materials

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About us

Alliance Graphite is a young, dynamically developing company whose core business is the supply of graphite and carbon-containing materials.

Here you can find materials for your production, namely:

  • graphite blanks for turning products;
  • graphite electrodes for metallurgical production;
  • natural and artificial graphites for the production of products, lubricants, as well as carburizer;
  • graphite electric brushes for electric motors, starters, generators and other equipment, brands: EG4, EG14, EG74, EG2A, EG141, EG61A, MG, M1, M1a, MG4, MGS7, MGSO, MG4S, MGS20, MGS22N
  • and more!
О компании
A constantly updated assortment allows us to supply graphite in a short time, both from stock and on order. We treat all our clients with care and professionalism and are always glad to have a long mutually beneficial cooperation!
    On an ongoing basis, for our own needs, we purchase graphite materials: illiquid assets, leftovers, from storage, and others.
    • Graphite electrodes of various grades and diameters;
    • Graphite molds for metal casting;
    • Graphite crucibles;
    • Graphite ingots;
    • Graphite blocks;
    • Structural graphite;
    • Graphite powders of various grades;
    • and other types of graphite materials.
    We also purchase related materials:

    • Powders of metals: copper, aluminum, iron and others;
    • Carbon blacks;
    • Copper wires;
    • And so on.
    We are ready to consider any proposals and discuss the terms of cooperation! Call!


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